Customer Demand

During the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the shutdowns of bars and restaurants,  there was a boom in e-commerce and a massive shift in customer expectations. It is no doubt that the pandemic has re-shaped the customer views towards local, authentic, and sustainable products. Besides that, customers are interested in obtaining proper product information prior to deciding on their purchase. Even more, they want to interact with a product and connect with the brand. When it comes to wine and spirits, customers want to know the face behind the wine and the story behind the bottle. They want to engage with a brand on all levels before, during, and after purchase.

“As a wine passionist, drinking wine has become more than the simple act of consuming it. It has become more of an experience. I sure want to know more about the wine characteristics and the story behind the label.” robert Kaiser

Adaption and perseverance

On the other side, the pandemic has affected mainly with declined sales, businesses of all sizes, across different industries on a global scale. To cope with these changes companies have learned how to rapidly change, and find new ways to adapt and innovate, wine and spirit producers are no exception. To yield more sales, they need to consider these changes in customer behavior.  They need to flip their sales strategies, towards innovation and product differentiation.

The rise in e-commernce

According to different studies, e-commerce has boomed in the last year. Most of the sales worldwide are shifted online, it is expected that the sales will remain online in the future too, and the wine industry is no exception.  Embracing the online customer experiences should be the new goal for all wine and spirit producers regardless of their size.

About the Univerre Smart Bottle Platform

Univerre has crafted an NFC-based solution with a direct-to-consumer platform that allows producers to enable their products with digital tags, become a vendor on the marketplace to connect with end consumers. The process of getting started is fast, easy, and at a very low cost.

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