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Near Field Communication (NFC) Tags

With the daily advancements of the Internet of Things Technologies, the possibilities to connect physical objects are advancing each day. Today we are presenting an NFC-based solution to connect wine and spirits in a direct-to-consumer setup.

Let’s start with a basic question, what does NFC  actually stand for?

A Near Field Communication (NFC) tag is a sticker that contains a microchip for storing data and can be read by mobile devices at a short range of 4cm. The amount of data that can be stored on an NFC tag can vary.  The memory and speed of the NFC tag dictated its cost.

How do NFC tags work?

NFC tags are passive, they do not have any power source. The NFC tags get their energy from the NFC-enabled device. Most of today’s smartphones have built-in NFC capabilities.

What are the NFC tags used for?

NFC tags are becoming a crucial part of modern-day marketing. It can be used to enable the customers to interact with the product and obtain useful product information, in real-time.

NFC Tags for wine and spirit brands

Wine and Spirit brands can leverage this technology through the application of an NFC tag on the wine and Spirit Bottle. Univerre has crafted an NFC-based solution for the early adopters, to seamlessly implement this technology, connect their products and connect with today’s consumers. With one NFC tag brands can give power to their brands and uplift their sales.

With a tap of their phone, end-consumers can reach provenance information, such as how the wine was produced. A digital sommelier is available to describe the taste of the wine. This solution allows end-consumers to get a digital experience every time they tap the NFC tag on the bottle. The consumers can bring with them this unique wine consumption experience and share it with friends and family.

The NFC technology is easy to be used it doesn’t require any third-party app, with NFC technology being incorporated within most modern smartphones, consumers simply bring their phone devices close to the NFC tag and instantly access the digital experience.

At Univerre we encode and prepare NFC tags for our B2B customers and sell the

Smart Bottle Platform is a startup platform by Univerre Pro UVA.

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