Imagine being able to control your consumer experience. Now more than ever before, you have the power to own your customer relationships. You will be able to gather data while your product is on the retail shelf or consumed at home. Capture information about where, when, and how customers consume your products and what their preferences are!  Univerre Smart Bottle Platform is empowering you to: connect your product, broaden your customer reach, change business practices, increase your revenue and profits and differentiate your products.

Introducing you to the D2C Smart bottle Platform

It is an end-to-end solution for connected wine and spirits bottles in a direct-to-consumer marketplace. We connect wine & spirit bottles, wine consumers, and wine producers, from all around Europe.

How can this platform uplift your sales

Your wine can reach a large customer base in a smart and secure way. In this post, we introduce all the benefits of becoming a vendor in the marketplace and how to turn your product into a point of sale.

“We believe Smart Packaging is the future; and we believe the future is now” Fabio Naselli 

We have created an end-to-end solution for wine and spirit producers and resellers around Europe to enable their products with NFC tags and sell them through a direct-to-consumer marketplace.


What makes it the right solution for my business

   ☑  Allows you to innovate your products and add value to the product life-cycle

   ☑  Gives power to your brand

   ☑  Uplifts your sales – each bottle becomes a point of sale

   ☑  Drives consumer engagement – end-consumers can interact with the smart bottle, by tapping on it to access virtual information about your products

   ☑  Gives you the possibility to share your authentic story, and provide useful information about the products

   ☑  Reach a large customer base – retails customers in the supermarket can become your direct customers

   ☑  Create marketing campaigns for your products

   ☑  Deep data insights about who your customers are and what are their needs and preferences 

   ☑  Connect with the end-consumers and enhance the relationship with end-consumers


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