Connected parfume bottle

Your innovative scent story

with our smart packaging solutions.

Elevate your perfume bottles with innovative elegance for captivating scents.

Your Benefits

A distinctive Phygital Experience for your unique perfume bottle

  • Compelling

    Innovate your products with forward-thinking approaches, enabling then to provide more than what a traditional physical product can offer.

  • Shelf Scent

    Elevate your bottle's visibility with eye-catching connected perfume packaging, ensuring it stands out among competitors.

  • Personalized Scent

    Tailor interactive experiences around each perfume bottle, offering personalized recommendations and virtual consultations to enhance consumer engagement and satisfaction.

  • Brand Reputation

    Establish your brand as a leader in quality and innovation, setting scent industry standards for excellence.

  • Actionable Consumer

    Gain valuable data on preferences and behavior, empowering informed decision-making and product improvement.

  • Maintain Scent

    Ensure the authenticity of your scent products, prevent counterfeit attempts, and preserve integrity.

How it works?

1. Craft a concept
for your perfume

Craft a compelling narrative that aligns with your brand values

2. Order NFC tags tailored for your perfume

Order ready-to-apply NFC tags tailored for your bottles, ensuring that the design of the NFC will complement the design of the bottle.

3. Launch the phygital journey of your perfume

Let us handle the work for you; based on the concept, we will create a special phygital experience.

4. Track and analyze interactions.

Leverage collected data for insights and informed decisions.

Ready to unlock the potential of a connected perfume bottle?

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