NFC Customisation Services

NFC Supply and Encoding

As part of our NFC supply service, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that meet your unique needs.

We offer a diverse array of options, from standard NFC tags to fully personalized ones adorned with digital printing, or customized NFC labels.

Our comprehensive range ensures that your NFC tags seamlessly align with your bottle design, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality to elevate user experience.


Digital Printing on NFC tags

Our digital printing service over NFC offers a seamless integration of technology and aesthetics. Imagine having a beautifully designed bottle with intricate digital printing.

With our service, we can maintain the continuity of this personalized design by affixing an NFC tag onto the bottle and seamlessly printing a call-to-action over it using our advanced digital printing technology. This process not only enhances the overall appeal of the bottle but also imbues it with a premium look and feel. Whether you desire a single-color or a multi-color design, our team is equipped to assist you in creating captivating visuals.

When you receive the bottle from us, it arrives fully prepared for bottling, complete with NFC functionality and digitally printed graphics, ensuring a polished and professional presentation that’s ready to captivate your audience.


Advanced Encoding of NFC

Our encoding services go beyond simply providing NFC tags; we specialize in delivering ready-to-apply NFC tags meticulously tailored to your specific project or product. With our expertise, we can offer unique encoding for every individual item, ensuring that each product possesses its distinct identifier.

This personalized approach not only adds a layer of uniqueness but also facilitates seamless tracking of interactions with each product throughout its lifecycle. Whether it’s for inventory management, authentication, or enhancing customer engagement, our encoding services empower you with the ability to monitor and analyze the interactions with your products in real-time.
Thus, optimizing your business processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

Digital Experience Development Services

Basic Landing Page

Our Smart Packaging offering now includes a Basic Landing Page service, providing seamless access to essential product information, videos, production process history, and more.

Whether customers seek detailed insights into your product, wish to explore its creation journey, or simply want to engage with multimedia content, this landing page ensures effortless navigation and enjoyment.

By integrating this service into your Smart Packaging solution, you establish a robust digital presence that enhances brand visibility and fosters customer satisfaction, setting the stage for meaningful interactions and potential conversions.


Interactive Digital Experience

Elevate your Smart Packaging experience with our Interactive Digital Experience service, offering users dynamic engagement opportunities.

Through captivating mini-competitions or interactive games, customers delve deeper into your brand story and product offerings, fostering brand awareness and loyalty. Simultaneously, the platform collects valuable user data and contact details, empowering you to nurture leads and tailor marketing efforts effectively.

By incorporating this service into your Smart Packaging strategy, you create immersive brand experiences that leave a lasting impression and drive customer engagement.


Product Degustation Expereince

Discover a new dimension of consumer insights with our Product Degustation Page, seamlessly integrated into our Smart Packaging offering.

This innovative platform enables users to indulge in a digital tasting experience, allowing wine producers to gain invaluable feedback on product evaluation and preferences.

By capturing contact details of degustators during the process, you not only enhance consumer engagement but also gather actionable data for product refinement and marketing strategies. Incorporating the Product Degustation Page into your Smart Packaging solution enhances consumer interaction, strengthens brand positioning, and empowers informed decision-making for future product development.