Connected wine bottle

Blend Tradition and Innovation


Craft a unique wine tasting or an interactive phygital experience around your wine and spirit bottles

Your Benefits

Your wine bottle in a digital realm

  • Valuable Consumer

    Transform valuable consumer insights into your strongest competitive advantage.

  • Immersive Wine
    Tasting Experience

    Offer interactive tasting experiences, providing detailed tasting details and food pairing suggestions for enhanced enjoyment.

  • Transparency

    Offer visibility into every aspect of the wine production process

  • Easy Information

    Effortless accessibility to essential wine information in one tap with the smartphone.

  • Unique Wine

    Develop unique stories that resonate with the heritage of your winemaking tradition and the uniqueness of your vineyards.

  • One Tap

    Give your consumers the ability to order their preferred wine seamlessly.

How to get started ?

1. Craft innovative storytelling

Develop compelling narratives around your wine, highlighting its origins, flavors, and unique characteristics.

2. Order the NFC tags for your wine bottles

Collaborate with our graphics team to identify the NFC label that complements the design of your bottle.

3. Create a degustation experience

Create a personalized degustation experience, to understand consumers’ opinions about your wine firsthand

4. Get the consumer evaluations

Establish direct communication with the individuals who evaluated your wine and foster a lasting relationship with them.

Ready to Unlock the Potential of a Smart Bottle?

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