Introducing the end-to-end solution for connected wine and spirit bottles

In this article, we introduce the Unvierre Smart Bottle platform, a solution tailored for wine and spirits producers to bring their business online and reach today’s customers through connected packaging.

What started as an innovative idea by our CEO in 2017 today is a launched project, which enables producers who want to connect with today’s customers. Univerre Pro UVA has designed an end-to-end solution for small, mid-sized, and big producers to enable their products with digital (NFC) tags and sell products directly to the end-consumers through a direct-to-consumer marketplace.


“We empower our customers to give value to their products. The Univerre Smart Bottle platform tags, tracks and authenticates fine wine and spirits bottles.
Each wine has a digital identity” david naselli – sales & marketing at univerre pro uva

Why is this the perfect solution for producers and resellers

Univerre Smart Bottle is an extraordinary marketing opportunity for producers in the alcohol industry who are interested:

To grow their business in an instant and sustainable way

In general, the wine industry is relatively traditional many small producers do not even have an online presence. Our platform enables producers to easily create their online stores at a very low cost and with no development fees and costs.

To grow their sales and their revenue

This direct-to-consumer marketplace is the right choice when it comes to reaching out to many online customers easily and at a low investment. The platform has thousands of end-consumers who are visiting the platform on a day-to-day basis which can be your potential customers.

To create a digital sommelier for each wine

The embedded text to speech technology on the platform will enable the automatic creation of a digital sommelier based on the product description. The digital sommelier will provide real-time useful wine notes to the customer wherever they are.

To differentiate their products

Your products can stand out on crowded shelves. The digital tags will differentiate your products. In one tap with their smartphone users can instantly access useful information about the product, which will help their decision when purchasing wine at the supermarket.

To know who their end customers are

Very often wine producers do not know who their end-consumers are and where their products are being consumed. Through the analytics, you will know when and how the Smart Bottle has been tapped and consumed and who of the end-consumers has ordered or reordered the wine bottle. The analytics report will enable producers to get to know who their customers are and what are their preferences.

To base decision making on data and analytics reports

Real-time analytics reports to easily and effectively make business decisions.

Make your life easy, make it with Univerre Smart Bottle

Univerre offers best practices in the aspect of direct-to-consumer marketplaces with

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