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Unwind direction

Unwind direction of NFC rolls

What is unwind direction?

The unwind direction also known as the label roll direction, refers to the orientation of the label as they come off the roll to apply them to your products.  The unwinding direction of the label is not important when you apply the NFC labels by hand. However, when you apply NFC labels with a labeling machine, the unwind direction becomes crucial to avoid improper label orientation. 

The industry standard for unwind directions

The label industry has established standards referring to unwind directions. There are different possible unwind directions  demonstrated in the image below. At Univerre we can print your NFC rolls in any of these unwind directions. 

The most common unwind directions are the first four, these are the outbound directions. Directions 5 to 8 are less common and are outbound directions. 

The roll directions are as follows: 

NFc roll unwind directions

How to determine the unwind direction?

If you are not sure which unwind direction will work for your labeling machine, you need to check the unwind direction of your applicator, read the manual of the machine, or contact the manufacturer of the machine .

When do I choose unwind direction?

The unwinding direction of the NFC rolls is chosen during the ordering process of NFC tags, through the Smart Bottle platform.  While ordering NFC tags, customers will be asked to select one of the above unwind directions.  The NFC tags you ordered will be printed in the preselected direction.  

You can order NFC tags for your products, through your Univerre Smart Bottle vendor account. 

We hope that this article has helped you understand the meaning of unwind direction and therefore has helped you to make the right decision. 

For any additional questions related to the unwinding direction the Smart Bottle team is available to assist you at hello@smartbottle.univerre.ch

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