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How to tap the Smart Bottle

What is a Smart Bottle?

The Univerre Smart Bottle, as a matter of fact, is simply a regular bottle with an embedded NFC tag. However, it is also known as the intelligent bottle that will give another dimension to wine culture. It converts simple packaging into a digital experience, and it all begins with a single mobile phone tap on the NFC tag. The consumer will then enter a digital world by exploring wine cultivation, writing and reading reviews, and getting to know the wine producers. Finally, when liked by the customer they have a quick possibility to buy the wine in a couple of clicks, whereas it does not end with the bottle it only just began. 

Tapping & interacting with a Smart Bottle - Simply Tap!

The communication with the Smart Bottle is completely contactless, meaning that there is no further contact needed then just a tap on the bottle. Besides that, It is also important to notice that when you want to tap the bottle you have to bring the phone closer than 4 cm and right in the middle of the NFC tag.  

tapping smart bottle in 3 steps

Android phones and NFC

All android phones that have the Android 4.0 version or later versions installed can utilize the NFC tag. Android phones do not require an app for using NFC. Nonetheless, it might be necessary to turn on the NFC function manually.

How to turn on the NFC on your Android Phone?

Open the Settings app  > Connections > Turn NFC on

If the NFC is not showing in the connections options, it means your phone is not supporting NFC.

iPhones and NFC

You can read NFC with iPhone 7 and newer using iOS 13 and later. With iOS 14 reading NFC tags is native (no need to download third-party apps). Moreover, the newest generation iPhones have the Background Tag Reading.

iPhones that support NFC Tag Reading?

What iPhone model do I have?

If you are not sure what iPhone model do you have, you can obtain this information from the Setting app of your phone.

Open the Settings app > General > About > Model name

NFC reading with iPhone 7 or 8

With iPhone 7 and 8 using iOS 14,  there will be no need to download any third party apps for reading the NFC tag. In this setup, the NFC feature needs to be turned on in the Control Center of your iPhone. 

Open Control Center >  Turn on the NFC button > You are ready to tap !

activating nfc on iphones

If you do not see the NFC icon on the Control Center, you need to add it manually by following these steps.

Open Settings app > Select Control Center > NFC tag Reader option > Tap the green plus button on the left of the NFC Tag Reader option. 

activating NFC feature on android devices

The NFC button should be now visible on the Control Center of your iPhone.

NFC reading with the newer generation iPhones and iOS 15

The newer generation iphones such as iPhone XS (Max), iPhone 11, iPhone XR, as well as iPhone 11 Pro (Max), iPhone 12 and iPhone SE (2nd gen.) have the native NFC reading called “Background Tag Reading” feature. That means, the NFC reading is by default activated and it can automatically read the tag without toggling the NFC Tag Reader first. Once the phone is brought close to the NFC tag (that is placed on the bottle). NFC tag is detected and a notification will show on the display.

notification when tapping NFC

Downloading a third party app

For users that have an older iPhone and iOS, you will need to download third party application from the App Store

* Note, if you have an iPhone 6 you will not be able to read an NFC tag even with an NFC reading application

Where is the NFC antenna located on my mobile device?

Depending on the brand and model of the mobile device, the NFC antenna can be located on different places on the device, but it is typically backside near the top of the phone. However, if you are unable to tap, it might be useful to check the location of the NFC antennas in your device. 

This information can be found on the official website of the manufacturer of your device.

General tips for successful tapping

List of devices with NFC

If you are still not sure whether the device you have does support NFC, here is an official and updated list of phones – LINK


Discover now the possibilities offered by a smart bottle!

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