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Univerre takes glass packaging to the next level by connecting wine and spirits bottles with consumers on a single platform.
Each bottle you buy is enabled with an NFC tag...

The world has changed and we are changing our behavior to make life easier, smarter and better. People are looking for products with greater added value, to enjoy and experience a story behind a product. Thanks to the smart bottle solution, this becomes possible!


Univerre Smart Bottle How does it work?

Discover this new experience in just three simple steps

  • 1. Turn on the NFC Reader on your mobile device

  • 2. Bring your smartphone close ot the NFC chip and tap lighlty

  • 3. Live a digital experience around wine and spirits

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Next-generation customer experience is here

We bring your wine consumption experience to a completely new level. Each bottle sold through this platform is enabled with a digital tag, hence each product has a digital identity and is authentic. Small quantity orders, directly from the producers. No app required!

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