In a connected world of everything, your wine and spirits bottles can be connected too

We live in a fully connected world, where objects are connected each day. At Univerre Smart Bottle Platform, we aim to bring the wine consumption experience to a new level by bridging wine and technology to enable an unparalleled user experience.  In this article, we describe the benefits that end-consumers get when interacting with an Smart Bottle.

Like many wine consumers around the world, when at a supermarket and buying a wine bottle for your special occasion, you probably have many questions in mind and can’t decide which is the right wine for you. Frequently, the information provided on the wine label is not very useful.

At Univerre, we love wine, hence we have given a solution to this problem by embedding an NFC tag on wine and spirits bottles. Launching a direct-to-consumer platform for NFC enabled wine and spirits bottles, which connects wine producers and wine consumers in an innovative approach.


“Choosing the right wine for the special occasion has never been easier. In one tap I can obtain all the useful information and buy sustainably” Cristiana BUHLER

What are the benefits of interacting with a Smart Bottle

    • The authenticity of wine & spirits
    • Get useful product information through a digital sommelier
    • Interact with products in an innovative manner
    • Know the story behind the production of the drink
    • Connect with the wine producers and order directly​
    • Unique and exclusive offers designed for you
    • Access wine notes and reviews
    • Get food pairing ideas and share your taste


Interact with a Smart Bottle in three easy steps

Interacting with an NFC-enabled wine or spirit bottle is very easy. All you need to have is an NFC enabled mobile device and follow the three easy steps below:

    1. Activate NFC reader on your device
    2. Bring your phone close to the bottle and TAP!!!
    3. Enjoy your personalized experience

Simply tap on the NFC

  • No adequate lighting is required
  • No need to download any app

Order your first Smart Bottle today

If you are a wine lover interested in the latest wine consumption trends, we invite you to order your first connected wine or spirits bottles.


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