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  • Authentication
    Unique and identifiable bottles
  • Product Information
    Specific Product Information
  • Exclusive Offers
    Lower Product Prices
  • Connect with Producers
    Easy to connect with producers

The Smart Bottles Marketplace

This is the Connected Bottles Platform. Enables customers to interact with products in an innovative way. Your wine consumption experience is enhanced for real.

End-Consumers who love wine

  • Connected Wine & Spirits bottles
  • Product Information
  • Get to know the wine producer
  • Get exclusive offers and discounts
  • Interact with your bottle in a unique way

Wine & Spirits Producers

  • Prevents counterfeit products
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • Empowers brands
  • Financial gains for both groups
  • Engages consumers and producers in an innovative way

Connected Wine and Spirit Bottles

Reading a static label at the back of a wine bottle is not a great user experience.

At Univerre we have created a digital tag for each wine and spirit bottle, to make them unique and identifiable and provide a great user experience.

With the digital tag, you can interact with your preferred wine bottle in a unique way, get exclusive discounts designed only for you.

We believe connected packaging is the future!