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Return Policy​

Univerre is committed to ensuring customer enchantment with all the products purchased through the Univerre Smart Bottle platform.

1. Who is responsible of the RMA requests?


According to our General Terms, the return and return requests should be managed between the producer and the consumer. So, when an RMA request is submitted by the buyer this request goes directly to the producer.

2. When can I submit an RMA request?


All requests for returning products must be addressed to the vendor in through your user account, within 14 days from the date the customer received their products. Return or refund requests submitted after 14 days of the order receipt date will not be considered.

RMA requests are applicable only for orders with the order status “Completed“.

3. Which products can be returned?

According to our General Terms and Conditions, the right of return applies only for the following products.

  • Damaged Bottles
  • Incorrect bottles
  • Corked wine received

Please note, these are the general reasons set for the return of products. However, the producer reserves the right to set his Return Policy that applies to his products.  When the producer has set his own Return Policy the general return rules are overwritten, so the return policy of the store applies.)

4. How to handle RMA requests?

Submitting an RMA request can be done through your user account (if the order has been as a logged-in user). 

  1. Go to your user account 
  2. Click on the tab Orders, where your order history is listed
  3. On orders with Completed status, you will see a button Warranty Request
  4. Enter your RMA request details and submit yuor request. 

In cases when resolution between buyer and the vendor cannot be found, the buyer can also contact our UPU customer service at hello@smartbottle.univerre.ch  or through our LiveChat available at all times. However, the customer service team of UPU is not authorized to accept any product returns. 

5. In what form are the returns refunded?


Refunds will be made in the form of voucher / Store Credits. 

6. Who is responsible for the shipping cost of the returning items?

The buyer is responsible for paying the shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

7. Need help?

Contact us at hello@smartbottle.univerre.ch